Saturday, March 27, 2010 we go!

How does one talk about there own life? Why does one want to talk about ones own life?

I don’t know…but I guess I will write it all down here…in this blog. I am not sure how I really feel about this whole blog thing. Listen, I am not a writer, and lord knows I am a horrible speller. I don’t really have anything worth wild to say. I am just a single girl trying to live my life. I occasional have something to say…but not very often. I think I am quite person…it takes a lot to get me talking.

I love my friend.. More then they will every know
I like my family
My church is the best church out there
The girls I work with make me laugh
I have a great room mate
I love to travel
I eat allergic to gluten
i love to watch British TV
My favorite thing to read are comic books
I am NOT a morning person
I don’t cry very often
I HATE to play games…...really
I am not as brave as I seem
I love kings of Leon
My favorite sound is rain
Least favorite sound is creepy kids laughing
I love music

That should be enough to get us started !

Let’s talk about a couple of these…shall we????

I love my friends more then they will know

Seriously! I am talking quality here! They are real, down to earth, creative, brilliant, hilarious, god loving people. They take me for who I am and that is saying a lot!!!! I have acquired a few over the last couple of years but I have some that go back till when I was 5 years old. Now that is what you call life time friend right there ( Hannah).I miss the ones that are no longer here and that makes me hold on and appreciate the ones that are still here. I can be a difficult person to love so in my mind if you are my friend then you truly want to be there, you see something there in me that you want in your life.I don’t tell my friends I love them very often…….maybe I should change that.

I like my family

My family is ..different. I know, I know everybody says that….. and I am sure it is true with everybody. I grow up in a middle class, no drink\smoking, go to church every Sunday, treat you parents with respect, no elbows on the table type family. BUT my family was also non-denomination, speaking in tongues, laying on hands, don’t take your kids to the doctors cause Jesus will heal them type family . It was normal for me to start speaking tongues starting at the age of 7 but it was weird for me to want to look at art or think tattoos were fantastic or dream that one day I will travel the world. I am the flak in my family…they roll there eyes at me cause I go to a church that you can't pronounce or because I have a new comic book or because I totally geeked out on a new painting I found somewhere. Some times me and my family just don’t see eye-to-eye so to speak. They are good people…my dad is Glenn, my mom is Sarah, Brother is Joshua and my sister in law is Gloria. There mine for life so I try to live with them peacefully.

The girls I work with make me laugh

They are crazy!!!!! They make me laugh out loud…..and they laugh at me.they make it fun to work at my job.

My favorite thing to read is comic books

They are works of art, they make me happy, I want to frame most of the pages I look at, I have been a
X-men fan as long as I can remember. I want to be one, I want a super power, I want to look hot i an x-men outfit. I geek out over these little picture books…..they mean so much to me. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!

I love Kings Of Leon

I am obsessed!!!! No ..really, I am ! The drummer is my favorite.

I love to travel

Anywhere…near or far… or cold, I will go!

I hate games

I really do, they are from hell. They make me angry, violent in some cases .Speaking of angry…. I don’t like putt putt either. So, please don’t ask me to plat.

I am not a morning person

I don’t talk in the mornings…I hate the fact that I have to .I hate to be woken up.I takes me about 2 hours to get perked up.


  1. Your friends love you too! No one is more excited about you having a blog than me!

  2. Heehee! You're the best! Love you!