Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Happenings

I had a nice weekend! It was filled with friends and family….but I consider my friends family so maybe it was just filled with family. :)

Let’s see…Friday was the first annual “movie night at Lis’ house “. I invited some friends over, we watched Whip it. You haven’t seen that movie you really should, it is funny! I made some brownies, a pizza, taquitoes ( sp?), chips& salsa and put out some s’mores stuff. It felt nice having my friends over, all huddled together in my small apartment. When moments like this happen I take mental pictures and hope that they never fade. My friends are pretty nice…..they leave there nice size homes that has enough seating for everybody to come to my little apartment were there is not enough seating and all the furniture is in a floral print.....that does not match. That’s love right there people! ;)

* news flash* The comic book I have been waiting on all year comes out on Wednesday!!!Just thought I would let you know!

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