Monday, August 2, 2010

The beginnings of my bucket list….

Before I start writing my list , my question to you is.......Should one ever stop putting new things on there " Bucket List"?

My answer for me is..NO. I hope that I never stop putting things on my " Bucket List". If I do I think that will be the point where I stop hoping and dreaming for thing to come into my life. I never want to stop asking for more out of my life. Does anybody out there know what I mean?

In no particular order...

-Pet and feed a giraffe
-Get a tattoo
-To go to Comic Con : Done
-To learn another language
-To have a job that I love
-To write something meaningful land beautiful
-To go to these places:

-To make a difference in someones life
-To go to the Olympics( to watch ..not to be in it!)
-Enter a cooking contest

That is it for today.

I will keep thinking....

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