Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 years..

( we are missing a couple of peopel in the above photo)
A couple of weekends ago I went to my 10 year high school reinion. Whats that you say ?.... I dont look old enough to have graduated 10 years ago.

You make me blush!


I went to RCS ( Resurrection Christian School). We were a small school. I graduated with 19 other people. I love each and ever one of them.We went through high school together...If that doesn't build a bond for life I don't know what will. HA!

It was great to see everybody!We had a good time.

I had a tough time the last year and a half of high school. Its hard enough being an emotional , hormonal teenager then lets add one of my close friends dieing.It was hard, theirs were days when I didn't want to get out of bed, days where it would have been easier to die myself then have to live through another moment , there were days were there was cutting, suicidal thoughts and just plan not remembering how got anywhere cause I would just blank out. ( I didn't really start talking about what went on in that time in my life till about 2 years ago). The point of my telling all that sad stuff is this...The people I went to high school with, helped my get through my days with out ever knowing that they were helping me.( Jesus helped me too)
They hold a special place in my heart.I love seeing them whenever I can. I still have some very close relationships with some of the people I graduated with. I love the fact that I can still call people I went to high school with friends ten years later. Not many people can do that.

We were a rowdy bunch. All the rules were made for us. ALL OF THEM.We broke all of them too.We were good kids....but like I said..we were rowdy!

So here is to the class of 2000! I love ya!

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  1. I love you Elisabeth!! :)
    Gotta get together and bake soon!!