Monday, June 21, 2010

The Castle in the Sky

So yesterday I went to the Biltmore Estate with my friend Cristina. ( her middle name is Margarita ). We had a GREAT time. It was really hot!!!

We walked around the house for about an hour and half. We did the audio tour..yep that's right we were the dorks with the head phones on. It was educational. Ha! I love all the details that house has. the art, THE LI BARY. The library is my favorite room in the house. From the painted ceiling to the spiral stairs, to the old lovely books on the shelves. I will stop now..I'm just babbling.

Then we went to the gardens. I love the gardens. It peaceful and yet full of life all at the same time.I love art , as you know, and I think a garden is art.i wish my sister in law could have seen it, she a florist, she would have loved it.

We went to the creamery. Delicious!!! Speaking of delicious...our lunch was delicious. Hummus, goat cheese, fried pickles. We at Cedric tavern. Highly recommended.

All in all it was a great day !! Thanks Cristina!

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  1. that place is AH MAY ZING! I fell in love with it too... the library takes your breath away... i would have sat in there for days! isnt the pool weird?! Anyway, im glad you went... go back at Christmas... awesome!! :)

    Love you