Wednesday, April 21, 2010


( This is a random blog but it sort of came to me out of no where!!! Sorry, if it doesn't make since. My question do you feel about your FAITH??)

This thing we call FAITH is not for the faint of heart. The journey of FAITH is for the broken and the healed, the lost and the ones that have been found. FAITH is for the dismembered and for the put back together. Faith is for the hurt and the forgiven. This journey of FAITH is not for the maybes it is for the I have decided.FAITH is for the soldiers and the protesters.

FAITH is for the scared and delivered, for the used and set aside. Faith is for the claimed and conquered, it for the consecrated and for the disregarded. Faith is for the cutters and the depressed, the delivered and the ones that are still held captive.

FAITH is for the geek, the nerd, the liars, the dreamers and the misfits.

Its for white, black, Jew or gentile. This journey of FAITH is not for the faint of heart because this road is lined with the trail of the blood of the believers have gone before us. So, keep your Faith close at hand...... because it is something that should be prized, nourished and shared.

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